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Project: Management Indicators versus Performance Indicators of the undergraduate students of the Brasilia University

  • What is the project?

The project is related to the evaluation and improvement of the quality of teaching for the undergraduate students of the University of Brasilia – UnB. On a general view, the evaluation is a way for implementing educational reforms in order to achieve the desired transformations. In Brazil, the Federal Undergraduation Institutions are evaluated by the Exame Nacional de Desempenho dos Estudantes – ENADE and by a methodology of performance indicators developed by the Tribunal de Contas da União – TCU.

  • Importance:

Through the evaluation it is possible to obtain transformations not only in the educational field but, also, to the society. Therefore, the study is justified in the face of the necessity for developing mechanisms that are easily identified and quantified which will allow a comparison between the performances of each course without leaving aside the worries with quality which will be explained by means of management indicators as to highlight the relation of cost per student.

  • Objectives:

The study will cover the undergraduate courses of Darcy Ribeiro Campus and will analyze the years from 2002 to 2011. The objective of the work is to analyze teh relations between management indicators and the results in ENADE of each course from the University of Brasilia.

  • Methodology:

The work aims to answer the following research problem: Which performance indicators proposed by TCU or others from UnB are related to the students performance in the ENADE test? In order to get an answer hypotheses will be testedfor each indicator that is related to the efficacy of the various undergraduate courses in terms of physical structure, number and qualification of the teachers, number of students, courses budget, number of administrative employees, involvement with the graduate studies, students formation among others relevant factors for the institution. The data will be calculated based on the information from the accounting department of the University of Brasilia and reports from the Decanatos board. There will be a proposition for a few hypothesis about the relation between the performance indicators of TCU and the students performances –ENADE/IDD- from each course.

  • Period:

09/2011 to 09/2012

  • Docents

Profa. Dra. Fátima de Souza Freire

Prof. Ms. Abimael de Jesus Barros Costa

  • Volunteers

Luiz Medeiros de Araújo Neto (graduate student in accounting)

Eduardo Tavares (graduate student in accounting)

Yuri Samapio Maluf (graduate student in statistics)

Scholarship students

Tallita Santos Câmara (graduate student in accounting)

Ana Paula de Melo Batista (graduate student in accounting)

Marco F. (graduate student in accounting)

Sílvio Rangel (graduate student in accounting)

Denilson Alves (graduate student in accounting)

Pedro Henrique Diniz (graduate student in accounting)


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