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In a pioneer initiative, a joint of institutional efforts of three Federal Universities (UFPB, UFRN and UnB) has allowed the consolidation a a docent group with the appropriate curriculum to implement the Multi-Institutional and Inter-regional Graduate Studies Program on Accounting Science. The first result from this initiative is the Master course on Accounting Science. The Master is approved by CAPES (Of.CAA/CTC/59, de 20.05.2000). Its current evaluation is 4 which considers the proposal relevant as it does good use of the resources available in the participant Institutions.

The Masters takes place in two areas: Brasília and Northeast, whereas the Doctotorate on its turn has no fixed area, that is, the classes take place at the three participant Institutions.

The classes from the Masters program are offered in modules, by discipline. In the Northeast the students could choose between Natal or João Pessoa in order to attend classes at the Universities where their disciplines of interest are being offered. The Doctorate on its turn has classes in all participants Institutions during a week of each month, that is, four weekly encounters during a semester (classes from Monday thru Saturday, once a month).

Each discipline have 12 to 15 weekly hours in attendance and according to the number of credits. the programa has a General Coordination and three Regional Coordinators.

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