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The graduation course adopts the same research lines from the Multi-institutional and inter-regional of the pos-graduation in Accounting Science (UnB, UFPB, UFRN) aiming the needed and healthy integration between graduation and pos- graduation.

The research lines are: 

1) Accounting and Finance Market

Here the rules and procedures of the accounting balances as well as the influence of that information in the external user’s decision make process. It includes areas of research such as Finance market and capitals, international accounting, finance reports and accounting normalizations, Finance institutions, accounting theory among others.

2) Accounting for decision making

Here it is studied the generation of information about actions of an entity for the decisive process of the intern user. It includes research areas like Controlling, Public Sector Costs, Quantative Methods applied to Accounting management among others.

3) Impacts of Accounting in the Society

The influence of accounting for the development of the society is studied here. It includes research areas like Social Balance, Accounting Education, Third sector, Environmental Accounting, Public Policies among others.

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