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CCA Highlights

The CCA congratulates Professor Jorge Katsumi Niyama for his Accounting Merit Award given by the DF Accouting Regional board which took place in the DF VIII Accouting convention opening ceremony.

Congratulations Professor Jorge Katsumi for the awarding!

The CCA congratulates professors Edmilson Soares Campos (author), Jorge Katsumi Niyama and Ronaldo Lima Gonçalves (collaborators) for the work "Recognition, measurement and Evidencing of operatons of remuneration of open companies options listed in special segments of corporative governance by BM&F Bovespa" chosen as academic outstanding work in the II National Congress of Administration and Accouting Science-AdCont 2011.

Congratulations Professors for the Awarding!

The CCA congratulates Professor Alex Laquis Resende, Silvan Júnior and Isabel Cristina H. Sales for the work "Transfrence of Union Volunteering Resources: Human and Municipal development degree versus default level" Which was considered the best work of the 8th USP Congress of Scientific Initiation in Accouting São Paulo - 2011.

Congratulations for the awarding!

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